NECDA is a consortium of technology providers that promotes growth and profitability of the membership and provides a communication channel between members and business partners.

NECDA Provides Value to Members

  • We provide access to Business Partners and leverage collective buying power
  • We provide continuing product training
  • We provide leads from NECDA websites and business partners
  • We Communicate to Membership
    • Continued Surveys of member issues
    • Collect, compile, analyze and present findings
    • Quarterly Newsletter (Crosstalk)
    • Website
  • Ongoing commitment to increase profitability for our members
  • National Installation and service coverage. Provides members with the ability to expand/increase business opportunities outside their normal geographic area.

NECDA Provides Value to NEC

Serve as a unified entity and conduit which will help NEC:

  • Facilitate communications
  • Better trained dealers
  • Minimize channel conflict
  • Provide a sounding board for issues
  • Provide NEC with requests for product enhancements and competitive information
  • More profitable sales when products meet customer demands